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Have you ever wished to find a website where contemporary historical matters are discussed? This is your place. We want to make HistoriYA a place to spread History and to debate about it. We welcome you all and now we introduce ourselves.

Who are we?

We are two students of History from the University of Salamanca with the idea of creating a website to spread those issues that have become the talk of the town, to raise historiographic debates and to talk about those topical issues related to history. In this website we will talk mainly about topics concerning Contemporary History, our area of expertise, although we will also take into consideration other periods.

The importance of History in the present and the present in History

The intellectual Benedetto Croce once said that every true History is always Contemporary History. Truly, the way in which we observe the past has something to do with present day issues. Our nowadays concerns guide the historiographic approaches to analyse the past. We want that to be taken into account when initiating a debate about History and we will bear it in mind at all times in this website.

We need your help

We don’t just disclose here, we also debate. We think that participation from the people that visit our website is very important. We don’t want you to be passive, rather to participate in its development: by giving your constructive opinions about the posts, by suggesting interesting topics or by giving ideas that will grant a major disclosure of the contents of this site.

Please, mercy

This is a debating space and that doesn’t mean that it has to become a fighting ring. We believe that it is impossible to have a debate if the opinions are neither constructive nor respectful. Please take notice of the resources that we have to run this site and try to be polite, if the participation is not honest and sincere it is very difficult that a project such as this works.


Being said that we welcome you all to our website and we hope to start raising topics and debating them as soon as possible. We remind you that for everything you need you have our email in the contacto section. We are very eager to begin this project and we trust that with your help it will work. We welcome you!

Translated from the original article: https://historiya.es/bienvenidos-a-nuestro-espacio-en-la-web

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